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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Maths Short Tricks for IBPS Exams : Multiply Any Number By 12 in just 5 seconds

In last class we have learnt about
Maths Short Tricks for IBPS Exams : Multiply By 11 in just 10 seconds

Now, today we are going to learn a new thing, I am telling you a new trick of Maths i.e.
Multiply any number or any large number by 12
First tell me, can you mentally calculate this number :
14 X 12  in just 5 seconds. Guess ?????  no!
I can,  the answer is 168     
(i have done this in just few second)

Dear Friends, I am telling you a very very easy trick by using this you  would be able to multiply any number, no matter how many digits it has with 12 in just few secs. 
First, Lets see usually way of multiplying 
    14 X 12
So, 2, times 4 is 8.
then 2, times 1 is 2.
then 1, times 4 is 4.
then 1, times 1 is 1.
And now add the numbers in column 
so that your answer is  168.

Note : This method generally takes 1 to 2 minute, just think if we give our precious time to just calculating this kinds of numbers, imagine how much time we would be wasting in our examination. If we save these times and give more times to the complex questions so that we would be able to solve more questions in less time.

So, lets see the faster way of calculating the same thing in just 5 secs.
The smarter way of multiplying 14 times 12 is the base method of multiplication 

  14 X 12

Here the base is 10 so since 12 is 2 more than the base, 
so add the 2 to entire 14  i.e. 14+2 = 16
Since base 10 has one zero
So, there is one place more to go 
So, 4 , two (2) times is 8.
and that's your answer i.e. 168.

Lets take another example 
what is 18 X 12 = ?

First add this 2 , to the entire 18  i.e. 18+2 = 20
Now, 8, two (2) times is 16
And you know that the  16 is a two digit number so there is only one place here to go, So Simply carry forward 1 , so the answer is 216.

Now, I hope that you understood the technique and you will be going to solve so many questions like this and will save your precious time!

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